And The Crossing is made up of two friends, who love to drink coffee, have a wee chat, and sometimes write. 

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The Brit in America.

This is Ailsa. Ailsa is from a lovely village in Scotland, near the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond. Leaving the sheep and hills behind, she went off to university in Edinburgh with a deep love of coffee, art, literature, and chat. With an ability to analyse things with piercingly clear perception, she’s often relied on for her wisdom. To this day most of her friends use her as their source of current news (because they’re lazy and she’s not).

Ailsa and Grace met in the first week of university. They grew a lasting friendship that has navigated many of life’s transitions. In 2011, Ailsa married Nathan, an American immigrant who shared her love of coffee, chat, and Jesus. Then six months later (because they’re mental), they took on leading their church in Edinburgh. Over the next six years, she became an English high school teacher (beasted that), gave birth to two amazing kids (Alexander and Eden), and most recently moved to NYC to pastor another church with Nathan. She is pretty much the bee's knees. A wonderful cocktail of iron-willed strength and deep-rooted love.

You can spot Ailsa’s writing by her sharp wit and grace-filled wisdom.


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The American in Britain.

This is Grace. Grace is a mother, thrifty domestic goddess, fervent journal keeper,  and all round excellent friend. At 17 she left behind the sweaty North Carolinian summers and familiarity of America, for the damp island of Great Britain. Moving with her parents and little brother, Grace helped start a church in Edinburgh, Scotland.

In Edinburgh Grace fell in love with two Scots. First, Ailsa. They found a friendship where they could share flats, emotionally rant at the other one, swap clothes and edit each other’s writing. Secondly (and perhaps more importantly), Grace found her husband, Gordon. A true Scotsman in all the meanings of the word.

Over 12 years later Grace is now the proud owner of a British passport and a home in Edinburgh where she lives with her husband, son Abraham, and dog Maisie. Significantly, Grace and Gordon now pastor the church she moved country to start many years ago.

You can spot Grace’s writing from the deep self-awareness, revelation, and tinges of romantic melancholy.