Our Story.

Picture this.

Flip phones are suuuuper cool, boot cut jeans are definitely the best, Instagram doesn’t exist yet, and Bush and Blair are the power duo.

Welcome. To 2005.

A 17 year old American girl, homeschooled and from the South, had just landed in Edinburgh that June, beginning to prepare herself for university and to help plant a church with her family - with a group of crazy Americans and South Africans (and a few Brits in the mix too).

That summer, another 17 year old girl was working at a small hotel in the countryside, near where she grew up. One morning, she was serving breakfast to a table of Americans and South Africans. They got to chatting with her, found out she was going to Edinburgh University to study English and Art History. Funnily enough, they knew someone else about to embark on a similar degree (English and History) and asked if they could introduce her. They welcomed her to check out the church they’d be launching that September.

First week of university came around, and the Christian Union put on a grub crawl. Massive amounts of new students walked from flat to flat eating different courses, until they came together at the end for dessert. It was there that Ailsa, the Scot, and Grace, the American, were introduced.

Later that week, Ailsa kindly offered to make Grace lunch and they went off to the bookstore to buy their massive tomes of Norton Anthologies of English Literature. It’s kind of crazy, thinking back. We never really know which moments in our lives will hold such significance. Pretty sure God was smiling down saying, ‘Just you wait, girls. Just you wait.’

From there, their friendship began. It was pretty slow burn at first, to be honest. As Ailsa was a fairly closed book emotionally, and Grace was in cultural transition (and also actually faaaar too British in her lack of self-promotion). But they got there eventually.

By the end of their third year at university, they were sharing a flat, watching highly superficial tv shows together, and beginning to rant about two specifically clueless boys.


Nearly two years after they graduated, in April of 2011, Ailsa and Nathan got married. Six months later, Grace and Gordon got married too. And the day after the Wright’s wedding, Nathan and Ailsa also got ordained as the senior pastors of Centrepoint Church….yeah. Mental.

Having already navigated the transitions of students to working women, they then went from single to married - and also from friends, to friends and pastor’s wife. Since then, Grace and Ailsa have crossed over into motherhood as well, and now they are currently figuring out how to do this friendship thing transatlantically.


Through all of this, they’ve learned a whole heap about themselves in the process. Friendship does that to you, doesn’t it?….it helps to burn away insecurities and fears, leaving behind stronger and more grace-filled people. 

So they (we) have decided what better thing to do than to embark on a transatlantic, collaberative, blog-writing experiment. And we'd love for you to be a part of this journey with us. 

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