Looking into the abyss of a writing project is not pretty. What will I write? What is the theme? Why should people read it? These are hard enough questions before you even start to ask if you can write something worth taking up the limited air of the internet.

But thankfully misery loves a friend. So it is a delight when you discover your best friend also wants to write more but is similarly stuck.

Rather than having a lonely existential crisis that quickly turns into never ending writer’s block, we decided to do this together. Welcome to AND THE CROSSING a collaborative writing project between Grace and Ailsa. Two friends with different perspectives, different nationalities, and different countries they call home.

Look elsewhere for nice blogs about the delights of parenting while wearing your favorite lip color. Or pieces about how to organize your closets so you are a holistically superior woman.

Come here for a writing project messily exploring transitions, relationships, and being intentionally vulnerable in life. AND THE CROSSING: where multiple perspectives explore the often contradictory lives of women who happen to be people of faith.